Agata Dominika is a qualified Relationship Counsellor & professional life coach. Her primary focus is helping people to understand and  improve their relationships. 

“I want to coach and encourage people to open their eyes to the subject of love. I want to show them how impactful love is on their day to day life and what it’s important that we never neglect it. Most of us are so busy in this fast moving the world that we stop paying attention to love. Being busy with our careers and social media we sometimes forget about ourselves and people next to us.


I believe if we do good things, good things will come back to us. This is connected to love as well. If we learn and allow our hearts to give and receive  love, we can find this beautiful, nourishing flow and exchange of feelings and energy.


Relationships have always been something I am fascinated about. Understanding how love can change our lives for better, how it affects our families, our marriage or friendships is so important. Love is of course something that everyone wishes to have but not everyone can easily have.


Helping people to be happy in their relationships is my passion. I want everyone to experience such a beautiful journey in life with that special someone. I am sure that learning about love and relationship is so important!


Going through life I discovered what kind of issues we encounter when we start or end a relationship. As I got older and wiser I decided to study relationships and I would like to share my experiences with you so you too can get to that stage of being happy earlier and easier. 


I want to teach you how to avoid the pain that love can bring when it goes wrong and to help you to avoid making the mistakes we commonly make in our relationships.” 

Agata Dominika 

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