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Hilton Nightmare

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During our stay at the Hilton, an unsettling incident occurred that we feel compelled to share. It was late at night when my husband and I were in bed, and we heard some suspicious noise coming from the sitting room. Assuming that we had left the TV on, my husband got out of bed to switch it off. To his shock, he opened the door and came face to face with two intruders dressed in black. One of them had their face covered, while the other did not. They were in the midst of ransacking our room. A sense of fear consumed us, but my husband boldly roared at them and gave chase. Unfortunately, they managed to escape through the broken window, disappearing into the darkness.

The safety of our baby boy and myself had been jeopardized, leaving us terrified. When the police finally arrived, after hours spent at the police station, they took fingerprints and pictures of the broken window.

Strangely, the hotel management did not want to involve us in this process, which raised suspicions. Frustrated and alarmed, we decided to leave the hotel and requested a refund for the remaining five nights. However, our request was denied due to the non-refundable nature of our booking. The hotel claimed that there was no evidence of a break-in since their staff had not witnessed anything in the dark, unlit grounds, where no CCTV cameras were installed and only one security guard was present to cover the vast 50,000 square-meter property. The hotel's response left us bemused.

Determined to voice our discontent, I took to the hotel's Instagram account to share our experience. However, they promptly deleted my comment and blocked my account. Fortunately, I managed to capture a screenshot of it before it was removed. In an effort to seek justice, we approached other guests who had heard about what had transpired and questioned the hotel's general manager. However, all we received were dismissive replies, reiterating the absence of CCTV cameras and the security guard's lack of awareness. Although the thieves only made off with a small amount of cash, the situation could have escalated to something far more dangerous.

When we reached out to Hilton to file an official complaint, we were informed that a complaint had already been filed and resolved. As it turned out, the hotel had filed the complaint themselves and resolved it simultaneously, portraying an efficient façade. Surprisingly, when I took my concerns to Hilton Honors, they informed me that they were unable to overturn any decisions made by the local hotel management, the very same individuals we had reported to Hilton. This disheartening response was consistent with the feedback we received when we contacted the Hilton CEOs office.

It is both shocking and yet unsurprising, given our experience, that Hilton's policy is to allow their hotels to conduct internal investigations. This approach inevitably leads to conflicts of interest, enabling the hotel to exonerate itself, as demonstrated in this case.

While I do not wish to dedicate any more time or energy discussing the Hilton and our unfortunate encounter, I hope that our story raises awareness and enables others to make more informed choices.

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